Fleeing war in Sudan

By Utami Kusumawati It was the lowest moment in her life. Khamisa Abdulla was tired of everything. She felt constantly nauseous and wanted only to sleep. She and her seven children had been struggling to live in Cairo, where they had been waiting for almost two years to hear about their application for refugee status. … Continue reading Fleeing war in Sudan

Escaping the slavery of ISIS

By Utami Kusumawati While being held captive by the Islamic State, Shireen Jardo Ibrahim wanted to end her life. The young Yazidi woman who now lives in Lincoln said she could no longer bear the torture, frustration and humiliation of being an ISIS slave for nine months. “I just hated myself and wanted to commit … Continue reading Escaping the slavery of ISIS


Out of sudden, I got into series of Balinese lounge songs, which present traditional Gamelan and flute. And my memory went back to the days where I explored the island for many times, living the laid back and easy slow pace of life there. Getting back to the centre of my soul and nature. It … Continue reading Peace


This day was supposed to be my deadline day for all the three courses that I take during the Fall semester. It was supposed to be. Until I heard the news. Then, I got a discount, a postponed deadline for one of my courses from a professor, because of that matter. At the States, I … Continue reading Strong


Posted by Utami Kusumawati | Oct 18, 2017 | Authors | 0 | By Utami Diah Kusumawati I learned from my family that strong-willed and influential women of our royal ancestry had great roles in creating the history of my country, Indonesia. I remember the day I first learned about this heritage from my father,  Raden … Continue reading ROYAL ANCESTRY REVEALS STRONG-WILLED WOMEN

Pew Research Center sees shifting trends in mobile adoption

OCTOBER 23, 2017 By Utami Diah Kusumawati Aaron Smith, associate director of research on internet and technology issues at Pew Research Center, says mobile adoption in America has changed in the last couple of years. Americans nowadays prefer to use mobile devices and smartphones for accessing news as well as for e-commerce activities, according to … Continue reading Pew Research Center sees shifting trends in mobile adoption