Bookworms cafes around the world

I really like to write, especially on stories, with my laptop. Finding a comfortable place to be able sitting and writing is a short of requirement for me. Unfortunately, its not easy to find a quiet place where I can connect my laptop and quietly write.

Almost every corner in Jakarta, my hometown where I live right now, is full of noisy frenzied chitchats.

However, one day a friend of mine asked me to this place: bookstore with small cafe located in its second floor. Its a small place but its very convenient one.

Every Saturday or Sunday, I come to this place when off work, to write stories.

And I directly Imagine that I can go to the similar comfortable places around the world, drowning my self in bunch of books. Here’s my list.

1. Booklink is a Cafe and Bookstore at the North Terminal of Miami International Airport.


2. IMC bookstore coffee&gallery&J little theater, Beijing


designed by Approach Architecture Studio


Image Image

4. Bookworms, Beijing, China

Image Image

The Bookworm is known for its cafe and European bistro, as well as its lecture series featuring both local and international authors and its musical evenings. It also has an annual literary festival, The Bookworm International Literary Festival, which takes place in Beijing as well as Suzhou and Chengdu (the locations of two other Bookworm stores) over the course of two weeks — as quoted from

5. Nasobem Bookstore&Cafe Interior, Basel, Switzerland

Image Image Image

6. Aksara&Canteen, Pacific Place


7. Reading Room, Kemang

Image Image

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