note to self

politik dan hukum

Its been two weeks since my last sudden quit at the latest office. Here I am, sitting in one cafe with a friend and finishing my translation job, which provides me with decent payment. Cukuplah untuk bertahan dua bulan.

The project of the book writing will be started on January. So I still have enough time before the project started to entertain my self until the end of this year.

But how do I perceive such a sudden twist of fate from being an employer in an established, international acclaimed newspaper office to a self governing enterprise?

I have to admit that it is not easy at the very beginning. I keep on wondering what I have done wrong that I get a result like this, near the end of the year. I have worked diligently and passionately since writing and being a journalist is my dream since I was a child.

At one point, I kept on questioning to my self. Is this really a job that will bring me to happiness, success? Have I measured my self proportionally? between target and personal skills?

But I decided to stop on questioning things. It wont change anything and it wont move anything. Furthermore, it will make myself down.

I have promised to myself before deciding to quit before January that I will not lowering my standard despite of all the things happened. I dont want my weaknesses to hinder my path to personal success.

After having discussion with many people who encourage me that I should start to focus more on being contributors and utilizing my potential more, I decided to create Kandil Syndicate, a professional writers community as well as to propose my self to become contributors in some media, including The Jakarta Post, for which the feature editor has responded my request very well. Alhamdulillah.

I hope this is only a beginning and its not the end. 19/12/2013

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