#Let’sCook! Plecing Kangkung (Water Spinach with Chilies)

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Plecing Kangkung (Water Spinach with Chili Sauce) dok. wikipedia

Di artikel sebelumnya, aku sudah post soal resep Ayam Taliwang. Kali ini, enggak afdol rasanya kalau enggak sekalian muat resep Plecing Kangkung. Karena, makanan satu ini emang pasangan banget sama Ayam Taliwang.

So, is it difficult to make water spinach with chili sauce (Plecing Kangkung)? The answer is no at all. hehe. Makanya, ayo, dicoba..

You just need to blend some ingredients and fry them on a pan. Then, pour the sauce on top of the boiled water spinach. You can also add fried ground nuts on the plate to make it more crunchy.

Oke, jadi ini resepnya yang sudah kupraktikkan, ya 🙂

Resep Plecing Kangkung

Sauce (crush it using blender)

5 grains of shallot (bawang merah)

3 cloves of garlic (bawang putih)

1 teaspoon of burned terasi (Indonesian traditional shrimp paste)

2 cm of ginger, crush and use the white

5 curly chilies

3 bird’s eyes chilies pepper

3 candle nuts, burned


3 pieces of water spinach (kangkung)

chicken broth



cold water


How to make:

  1. Blend all the sauce ingredient and fry into pan until the mixture thickens. Put aside.
  2. Boil water spinach using chicken broth. Add sugar and salt. After the water spinach gets tender, drain the water.
  3. (always drain the water, including the cold water, before pouring with chilies sauce)

  4. Pour cold water on the boiled water spinach. Leave it to the side until couple of minutes
  5. Pour the chilies sauce on top of the boiled water spinach. Plecing kangkung is ready to be served. If you like, you can add also fried ground nuts on the plate. 🙂




2 thoughts on “#Let’sCook! Plecing Kangkung (Water Spinach with Chilies)

    1. Ayoo dicoba aja Mbaak. Untuk tingkat kepedasan (byk cabe) disesuaikan aja yaa.. Cabe rawit diperbanyak kalau mau pedas. Kalau mau warnanya merah pakai cabe merah besar diperbanyak.. Nanti kalau ada kekurangan bs slg sharing biar masakannya tambah joss hehe


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