#Let’sCook! Fried Catfish with Spicy Yellow Sauce (turmeric)

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Hello all,

The food recipe that I want to share for today is the fried catfish with spicy yellow (turmeric) sauce. This food has become favorite in Indonesia, including in my big family too. You fry the catfish (ikan lele) and then cook again with the yellow turmeric sauce until the water is reduced. Eat the cooked catfish with warm rice and stir-fried water spinach a.k.a kangkung. Yum!

Lately, I have been exploring on the non chicken menu but still focusing on the meaty menu. So, fishes menu has become my favorite so far. [Read more on 7 Life Enhancing Reason to Eat Fish ]

It is easy to be made and yet it is healthy. For example, the catfish that I cook for today contains low calories and fat. Furthermore, it contains healthy fatty acids, which takes a part in providing better cognitive and heart health. [Read more on Health Benefit of Catfish]

The recipe that I want to share below is belong to my auntie’s recipe.

She told me that she like to make fried catfish combined with spicy yellow sauce, or in Indonesian is famous as Lele Bumbu Kuning or Lele Pesmol because her husband loves her cook very much.

Once she visited me and then shared this recipe. Then, I grabbed the note (you know how delicious it is the-husband’s-favorite recipe. she must make it whole heartedly) and cooked based on her homemade recipe.


Homemade fried catfish with yellow sauce. (Dok. Utami Diah Kusumawati)

Okay, so here we go.

Homemade Fried Catfish with Yellow Sauce (Turmeric) Recipe


Blend and crush altogether (yellow sauce)

5 to 6 Thai Pepper or red Bird’s eye chilies pepper (Cabe rawit merah)

3 cm piece of ginger

2 cm piece of turmeric (kunyit)

3 shallots

6 garlics

1 tomatoe

1 teaspoon of sugar


How to make:

  1. Cleanse the catfish with water and then basting the catfish with grinded ginger (4 cm of ginger), 4 grinded garlic and salt. Then, wait for 5 minutes and fry the catfish. Put aside.
  2. Stir-fry the yellow sauce until it smells great and put into the paste crushed lemongrass (sereh), crushed galangal (lengkuas), 2 bay leaves (daun salam) and 4 whole Thai Peppers (4 cabai rawit). Add a small amount of water (1/2 tea cup of water) and stir.
  3. Put the fried catfish into the yellow sauce and wait until the water gets thick.

The yellow sauce gets thick. (Dok. Utami Diah Kusumawati)


4. Turn off the stove and serve.







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