I forget how beautiful it is to write..

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Lincoln, Nebraska. 11.08 PM.

It has been two weeks for me at Lincoln, the capital city of Nebraska, an US state which is famous for its corn and Husker team. 😀

I spend most of my days here arranging things and making sure that every thing would run well for me during my two years staying in the United States of America. Mostly, I manage my courses, visit new places, make new friends, attend classes and events, shop for my unfurnished apartment and buy groceries, learn communicating with my new roommate who has different personality and age with me, as well as cooking.

Overall, I am so busy to take care on things, sometimes little stupid things you recklessly do like making your phone slipped into a tiny hole in your couch and you spent four hours to get that phone using food tweezer or finding that your laundry room key got stuck and you had to break the door to fix it. haha. Something outside yet not inside.

I actually have done my own ‘me time’ during this transitional moment, this early weeks of living in the States. I am trying to do things that I enjoy the most: reading good books in cafe or restaurants, going to the recreation centre to do yoga and swim (my favorite ones), and cooking my  dishes. Or talking and laughing with my new and old friends. However, I forget the main reason why I am here, in the States, besides pursuing my Master degree.. is to be able to focus on writing and to complete my baby novel.

In another word, up to now, I have never tried to sit in front of my laptop finishing each page of my novel draft. It is there. The script. The story. 20 chapters something. But I have never touch them up to now. I always make an excuse to my self: forgot to bring the connector of my external drive so I could not access all of my files with my laptop. So, wait until I get my next month stipend to buy as I say to my self. In fact, I could save my money to buy the connector and start writing, rather than spending it to eating in restaurants. And now, I am missing it. Sitting in a cafe, accessing my laptop, and writing sentences per sentences of each chapter of my novel. I forgot how beautiful it is to sit and write……… especially when life is getting busier day by day and things, sometimes, are falling out of place.


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