#LetsCook! Tom yum Steamboat


Tomyum steamboat with noodles. (Doc.Utami Diah Kusumawati)

Just found out this great sentences on cooking from Lea Michelle. It resonates with me directly and I would like to share it with you. :-). So, here we go.

“I just moved into a new house, so I love spending time at home. Everything for me is all about self-care because I really feel that if I’m at my best, than I’m able to come to my job and really be feeling the best, so if I’m not working out or going on a hike, than I’m at home recharging and cooking dinner and hanging out with my cat.”

Last night, after finishing some assignments for my Master Degree classes, I sat in front of my laptop reflecting. On a life that is so unpredictable and a feeling that has been vulnerable. One can easily break down in a minute after experiencing sunshine  in that same day. You cannot hold it, nor hide it. When your heart feels kind of heavy, you just cry. Enjoy the crap that the life gives you. (And after that you can call a friend, or eat a lot of chocolate or ice cream, hahaha).

People think you are strong and you think also the same for yourself. You have done many things in your life, you achieve what you have wanted, and you get all the appraisal from people and relatives. You have come so far to the point you know you only need to focus and focus and you will arrive finally in a place where you thought you cannot do it at the first place.

But, in one second, one thing or one sentence came from particular people and it hit you, and all your self love, self confidence, self worth, broken down into pieces. You asked why to a silence blanketing out there… and tears flowing down. You hope nobody will see your vulnerability. That you only want to keep that feeling by yourself and hope that in the next days, you will be ready to face the everyday activities again, as a part of your journey to achieve your next dream. But, it is not a wise decision. Sometimes, you just need someone to listen to. You know you can pass through it, and be back as strong again, and smile to everything that world gives you in, but a good friend is a always be a best gift you can get for yourself.

Besides a good friend, doing what you love the most, is also the best gift you can give to yourself. And for me, one of them is cooking.

So, after doing my assignments, I think on what to cook and with still full of feeling of….. many questions in my mind, I decided to cook Tom yum Steamboat. Hoping it can ease down my feeling. It turns out that the steamboat tastes delicious. I am so satisfied with my self. This cooking ritual really boosts up my mood in a good way. 🙂 So, let me share the recipe of this comforting food for you.

Tom yum Steamboat


  1. Baby Boy Choi
  2. Udon or noodles (I used noodles because I hadn’t bought udon, :P)
  3. Carrots
  4. Sausages
  5. Chicken broth (boil chicken and use the water as the basic soup for your tom yum steamboat)
  6. Chopped onion
  7. Minced garlic
  8. mushroom (you can use either shiitake or other mushrooms depend on your personal preference)
  9. fish tofu
  10. crabstick
  11. meatballs (preferable)
  12. Tom yum paste (2 to 3 spoons)
  13. salt
  14. a pinch of Knorr cal doe de tomato with chicken flavor

How to make

  1. Boil chicken, use the water as the basic soup for tom yum
  2. Stir fry chopped onion and minced garlic. just a minute. Do not take too long and pour the mixture into the basic soup (chicken broth)
  3. Add tom yum paste. For one big pan I use 2 spoons of tom yum paste. mix it together. use small fire
  4. Add a pinch of Knorr cal doe de tomato with chicken flavor. Mix it. Add bit of salt (preferable)
  5. Put carrots, mushrooms, sausages, meatballs, fish tofu, and the crabstick.
  6. Add udon or noodles.
  7. Turn off the fire. Add baby boy choi and mix it.
  8. Tom yum steamboat is ready to serve! 🙂 Happy eating….!










Tomyum steamboat with noodles. (Doc.Utami Diah Kusumawati)

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