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Lincoln, Nebraska, United States of America.

Wednesday, Sept 13, 2017.

“Acceptance is the key to be really free.”

Somehow that Katy Perry’s lyric resonates with me tonight. Living far away from everything and every people I used to know, I have to learn one thing: enjoying swimming in whatever streams so that life will open its magic more to me. 


Tonight, I watched my first Broadway musical performance in the States. This is one of my biggest dreams in my life: to see Broadway musical directly in the States. Of course, I was so happy and thrilled!

The Broadway at the Lied show at the Lied Centre for Performance Art was totally amazing. The singers, some of them are students, sang beautifully. Their voice were soulful and they sang with lots of expression. I felt goosebumps on the entire performance and clapped loud to the performers. I even almost cried when hearing some of the performers singing the spirited lyrics! (They got standing applause from the audience).

At the end of the show, the singers sang a song which highlighted whatever life throws at you, just smile and be grateful. Or in another meaning, learn to accept and enjoy the bad and good side of life.

Watching musical performance honestly reminded me with times when I used to go to the art centres in my country, Indonesia, to watch art performances, from music, theatre, dances to musical performances.

In Jakarta, which is the capital city for Indonesia, we have several art centres like Taman Ismail Marzuki (Ismail Marzuki Park), Gedung Kesenian Jakarta (Jakarta Arts Centre), Salihara Arts Centre, and the one at the mall, Galeri Indonesia Kaya (Indonesian Kaya Gallery). The arts and cultural activities in Jakarta are many and varied. You will often see arts and culture festivals happened here. And I used to be part of it. And I missed it, sort of. πŸ™‚

So, this was the time at the Lied centre when I felt connected again with my element. At that time,  it was as if when watching the show, there was only me, the singer, and the stage. And my world reduced to that space, a small one where I could enjoy and feel the artistic and aesthatic moment. Others were nothing. The same way that I always feel when I write. There is only me, keyboard, words, and music. πŸ˜‹
After the show ended, I met with one of my Fulbright’s friends from Russia, Zamira. We talked a bit about literature, our academics activity, the show, then went separate way to home. At the show, I also sat beside Joice who is also a Fulbrighter from Philipines. We met coincidentally at the bus which headed to the Lied centre.

I walked home with light hearted feeling and got recharged after watching the musical performance. 

Then, at my apartment, I cooked and ate dinner. All day, I only ate apples, raisins and some biscuits. After having two courses, I was busied to take care several administrative things at the International Student Service Office (ISSO) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University Health Centre to make appointment with dentist and go to the bank to get Deposit Form for Fulbright. 

After having dinner, I did my laundry in the laundry room located at the backside of my apartment building. It was already 11 o’ clock but I did not want to postpone washing because I would not have time for next two days. Besides, I ran out of clothes. 

This week is actually a busy one. Many papers with A LOT of reading materials, seminars, work shift in refugee centre, and administrative things that I have to do. It makes me quite nervous to do and think all things together in a short period of time. Plus, I have to catch up mastering phrasal words, idioms, and all the writing dos and don’ts, as well as learning how to communicate and listen better with the American (Lincoln citizen especially). And all my energy like reduced to almost zero. Furthermore, I had not had any time to cook, do sports and laundry, or take a me time moment.

So, I took my apartment key, locked my apartment door (because my roommate was already at her room), and headed to the laundry room. But when I got back into my apartment, the key was gone. I used to put my key inside my university id card holder that I always wear like a necklace and journalist ID everywhere. But it was not there.
I got panicked. I did not bring my cellphone and my roommate was already at her room which means she would not hear me even if I knocked the front door as loud as I could. And this was a very individual neighboorhood. You could not depend on anybody here. And I did not know anybody in this apartment (besides one Indonesian male senior who live at the building across mine but I did not his room and did not bring my cellphones).

I decided to come back to the laundry room but could not find any key there. I became more panicked thinking that I would be sleeping outside my apartment, in the stairs. And since it was already late at night, there was no bus to go to one of my friends apartment. And no phone means I could not call for a help to anybody.

But then I remembered the last song of the performance that I watched. Smile at whatever life throws at you. Then, I breathed deeply and laughed at my stupidity and carelessness to miss my only door key. 

I tried to knock again my door until thirty minutes passed by. Hoping a miracle that my friend would suddenly go out from her room and hear my loud knock on the door. But, she might be already sleeping at this time. Then, I was starting to prepare my self for the worst: sleeping outside my apartment.

Then, I realized maybe my key fell in the middle of my clothes pile. I opened my laundry bag and took my cloth one by one. In the end, the key was on the floor, sliding out from the pile of clothes. Oh my God. This was the happy moment for me. I felt so relieved to finally find my key which means I did not have to sleep outside my apartment! LOL!

But, in the end, I smiled. It was so funny that just several minutes ago I watched the performance about accepting what life throws at you but then I had this missing key accident which requires me to… learn to be more relax and easy going with life just like what the song told. Life… Oh, life…. β€πŸ’‹β€


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