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Out of sudden, I got into series of Balinese lounge songs, which present traditional Gamelan and flute.

And my memory went back to the days where I explored the island for many times, living the laid back and easy slow pace of life there.

Getting back to the centre of my soul and nature.

It was the time when you could feel everything as a whole. Waking up as you like, travelling to wherever your heart takes you, sleeping late or sleeping early, walking and talking with the local people, renting motorbike, swimming almost whole day and in the middle of that, writing without hourly deadline and with a conscience and full awareness of what is going on around you.

And time turned into eternity. A sky without limit. A bird with thousand wings. A heart without an edge. A river that never stopped flowing……………………………………………………..

You felt the essence of yourself.

The same feeling that I had when I went to Solo and Yogyakarta in Central Java. Eating food street late at night, drinking hot ginger with brown sugar, talking with a lot of local people, riding becak or a three-cycle vehicle, enjoying the street musician playing music along the Malioboro Street, sitting on the sidewalk and feeling the breeze of the night wind while talking about random things, about everything, about stupid things, about little things, about the dream.

The dream.

Dream that was made out of love.

Dream that filled your every breath and sense.

Dream that made us so strong. Dream that provided meaning for us as human being.

Dream that made us realize, everything happened for a reason. The reason that brought million answers of pray and worry.

Dream that was purely crafted when you were in peace with yourself. It was a gift that life gave you when you were willing to open yourself to any possibility. And be true. Just true. White.


Like a baby.

However, unfortunately, in a busy and fast paced life where everything points to material things… It is hard to find such serenity in yourself.

And many people get lost without even realizing it.

And this part of Asian philosophy of life that I am grateful to embrace. That makes me, Me.


Lincoln, Nebraska.









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