Big Spike In Asian American Population In Seattle


Aerial capture of Seattle. Source: Wikimedia Commons .

By Utami D. Kusumawati

The growth in the population of Asian Americans in King County in Washington is outpacing all other races, reports The Seattle Times.

The newest data released by the U.S Census Bureau shows the county is becoming more diverse with the number of minorities increasing significantly.

The Census Bureau reports the Asian American population in King County grew by more than 19,000 people from July 2016 to July 2017. According to the Times, people of Asian descent made up the majority of population growth in King County.

The Latino or Hispanic population grew 18 percent or by 6,000 people and ranked number two in population growth.

Blacks ranked third in population growth at 10 percent followed by multiracial people and Whites. Native Americans had the smallest population growth.

In seven years, from 2010 to 2017, the Asian American population in King County has increased to 35 percent from 294,097 in 2010 to 398,334 in 2017, according to the U.S Census Bureau.

The main contributing factor of this soaring growth is due to the blooming of technology industry in Seattle, reported the Times. The rapid development of the tech industry attracted newcomers to come and seek a fortune as software developers, including many Asian Americans, according to the 2017 data of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Geekwire reports Seattle has become the fastest growing market for software developers in the states and it offers promising salaries for tech-savvy workers.

Not only that, DataUSA shows that the Asian American workers get the second highest paid salaries in King County with the average salary of $67,321.

The Times reveals that last year the growth of the White population increased only 5 percent or by 1,600 people.

The Seattle Times reports its unclear if fewer White people are moving into King county or more people are leaving.

Despite the increased diversity in King County, Whites still are the majority.

Whites make up 68 percent of the population or 1,488,281 people. Asian Americans comprise 18.2 percent of the total population or 398,334.

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