Patricia Nangkal: Sabai-Sabai and Taking Chances at Full Speed

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By Utami Diah Kusumawati

Having born and raised in the states does not make Patricia Nangkal, or also known as TwishHoney, forgets her Asian roots.

“My father is from Bangkok, Thailand. An interesting value that has resonated with me is the saying,’Sabai-Sabai’, which means what will be will be,” she said, adding that Sabai-Sabai was a lifestyle embedded in the Thai culture meaning happiness in a multitude of layers including physical wellness, tranquility and contentment.

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Nangkal said adopting Thailand lifestyle had impacted her in a more positive way. Calmness and inner peace came when she surrendered herself to what was coming along her way.

“It’s sort of like going with the flow of life and knowing that all will be okay no matter which path you choose,” she said. “There’s no need to worry about anything.”

Nangkal gave an example when she was at a cross road, making a career change from education to film and movie production. At that time, she was at the top of her career in education field by being the Dean of Students for John Hopkins University in Pasadena, California.

Prior to that, she was a teacher for the gifted children as she pursued her first master degree in gifted children education at the Barry University.

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Then, an opportunity came suddenly. In 2010, Nangkal got an offer for an audition for a movie production from a fellow professor whose son was a famous actor.

“At times, this was a little unnerving because I had no experience but at the same time I have the drive to learn what I need to get the job done,” she said.

Nangkal took the chance and trusted her instinct by trying her first movie audition. She came to the audition on time, read the script and acted.

“When reading the character, I felt compassion with the lady I was portraying. So, I became the character and nothing else mattered,” she told. “On the first audition, it was so natural for me that it surprised me that I could do that. When they hired me on the spot I was absolutely amazed.”

Then, doors started to open one by one. She got more offers in the film and movie industry. Nangkal relocated from Miami, Florida to Los Angeles, California, and took parts in everything from script readings, student films, featured roles, stand-in hosting spots, casting director workshop to acting classes.

All of those hard work led her to obtain the membership of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG).

“It is undescribable. I remember when I got into the SAG. I dance around the house all by myself and did not tell anyone until I had the official card in my hand,” she said. “You feel like you are floating in a cloud.”

The most important lesson that she has so far by transitioning career is that she also learns more about herself. She found out that she loved being emerged in the process of making a story come to life.

“I learned that not only do I love acting but I also love hosting, filming, directing and producing,” she said.

According to her personal website, she is currently working on ABC productions, being a producer and host of City Beat Live on Prime TV Network affiliated with Roku. She also has just filmed the preliminaries of the Miss America 2019. During her spare time, she can be seen driving her yellow racing car called as Bee surfing around the states.

Nangkal bought ‘Bee’ in 2007 in Beverly Hills after coming to a track day meet up initiated by a car community.

“There were professional race car drivers at the event showing exotic cars. After that day, I was hooked on track racing,” she said. “There is something very therapeutic about driving fast, wind blowing through your hair, music blaring and the looks on people’s faces when they realize a female is driving that car.”


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