Big City Girl

arts and culture

January 24th, 2019

Coming back to the big city. For a temporary before going back to the states.


Gigantic and posh malls.

Transjakarta and commuting trains.

People hang out after working in the coffee shop offering beverages with price over the average. Dollar price for Rupiah workers. Talks in Indonesian language.


Blue collar workers.

Stylish men and women. Delicious food and varied menus. The hustle and bustle of a big metropolitan capital city: JAKARTA. People say it is the New York City’s version of Indonesia.

Meeting with three old friends at Plaza Senayan, South Jakarta.

First one is a friend who works as a producer at Kompas TV, the second one is a journalism lecturer at the Atmajaya University and the last one is a former Fulbright scholar who works at international NGO at Jakarta.

We talked over Pepper Lunch, over luxurious juice and ordered Indonesian food at Remboelan restaurant.

Nasi Bakar Tongkol Asap.

Tempe Mendoan Bumi Baturaden (Deep fried thinly sliced “Tempeh” garlic sauce and shallots dressing).

Rujak Penganten (Fresh mixed vegetable served with house special and spicy peanut dressing).

Lumpia Semarang (Traditional Semarang bamboo shoot spring rolls served with special sweet sauce, with choice of fresh or fried).

Nasi Bakar Roa (Grilled lemongrass fragrance rice, wrapped in banana leaf, stuffed with spicy smoked “Roa” fish served with “Roa” sambal).

Nasi Bakar Peda (Grilled lemongrass fragrance rice, wrapped in banana leaf, stuffed with peda fish, melinjo leaf and stinky bean).

Roti bakar es puter (toasted bread topped with special coconut ice cream, chocolate sauce, and peanuts).

It really feels like you are getting back into your element, again.


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