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Chicago O’ Hare International Airport, Sunday 27th January 2019

Touch down at Chicago (ORD) at 3 p.m., 45 minutes earlier than the scheduled arrival.

Something really interesting popped up in my mind. When I tracked my flight location ( UA 882) from the airplane’s screen, my eyes directed to New York state. Out of nowhere, I remembered everything. My submissions to two things located in New York City. However, I am still waiting for the decision for both of them (Only God knows what will be, though).

It was kind of funny, not because of the waiting but because well, I applied to those located in New York City (NYC) not because of its location but because of its programs.

New York City has been my favorite place to stay in the states. Before I applied to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), I planned to study at the New York University (NYU) but ending up here at the UNL which was the best thing happened to me. Why is that? First, the tuition fee for studying and living in NYC is so expensive that I need to pay by myself (up to $50,000!) even after I got accepted by the NYU. And I don’t have any money to pay that much. Well, I had a Mazda car but then I sold it (crying emoticon) and it’s still not enough to pay for the tuition.

But after all, you apply for a scholarship because you want to study without loans, not to pay up to 50 thousand dollars by yourself. So, I confirmed the acceptance letter from the UNL and headed to Nebraska to study my master degree.

My friend had teased me when I first arrived at Lincoln, saying that I dreamed for NYC and ended up in a small city like Lincoln. I only laughed at that time, thinking maybe NYC was not meant for me, yet.

But, six months after I studied at UNL, I got an email saying that I was invited for a Fulbright enrichment seminar at the Washington D.C. and when I asked the Indonesian Fulbright scholars group, I found out that Tyas and Naura also got the same invitation to D.C. After having a short talk, all of us decided that we would go to NYC first before attending the enrichment seminar.

Everything ran smoothly, just like meant to be. The permission to skip class for attending the Fulbright seminar and the arrangement to NYC and to DC, too. Not long after I received my invitation email, I was already in NYC! When arriving at NYC, I still could not believe it. It happened without much effort.

In the end, I realized that in life, destiny plays a big role in human’s life. If you are destined to be there, you will have many opportunities opened for you. It will just come to you, open up for you, and what you need to do is only saying yes or no.

So, the more I grow older, I learn not to have high expectation of anything. Just do my best and let the universe works the magic. If it’s meant to be for you, no matter how many years passed by, it will come to you at the end. Sounds cliche but it’s true at least for me. 

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