a writer and freelance journalist who currently lives in Jakarta. I am also a founder and director of Kandil Syndicate (www.kandilsync.wordpress.com), a freelancers company focuses on providing writing and translation, media relations, and PR strategy service).

I have published several pieces, including a collaboration novel LENKA by Banana Publishing,  short stories compilation  Perkara Mengirim Senja as well as Biography of Sultan Hamengku Buwono X (Federasi Teater Indonesia). Currently, I am working on my first narrative journalistic book about search and rescue team in Indonesia and on my first upcoming solo novel.

Besides writing, I have also translated some works, such as Something Blue by Melanie Giffin (Esensi Pub.), Sweet Stuff by Donna Kauffman (Esensi Pub.), Learning Shapes by Kathy Charner (Esensi Pub.), Blue Economy by Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry, and exhibitions catalogues of Bentara Budaya Jakarta.

I also edited some well known books such as Predictable Results in Unpredictable Times by Stephen R. Covey (Dunamis Consulting) and Real English for Senior High School students by Peter James.

In addition, during my time as freelancer I have contributed articles and opinions to several media and community, including The Jakarta Post, Garuda Colours Inflight Magazine, Sarasvati Art Magazine,  Esquire Indonesia, Yayasan Kelola and Komunitas Seni Salihara.

During my time as journalist, I have been traveled to some places in and outside Indonesia including Banda Aceh, Riau, Yogyakarta, Cirebon, Kebumen, Balikpapan, Samarinda, Lombok, Bali, Manado, Makassar, Wakatobi island, Poso, Palu, Bangkok, Siem Riep, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh, and many more.

email me at utamid.kusumawati@gmail.com

contact me on +6285691040782



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