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New stars shed light on the past


This day was supposed to be my deadline day for all the three courses that I take during the Fall semester. It was supposed to be. Until I heard the news. Then, I got a discount, a postponed deadline for one of my courses from a professor, because of that matter.

In the States, I am used to talking and speak up about everything to professors lightheartedly. It is quite different from what students in Indonesia feel and experience towards the form of relation between students and professors. I still remembered how difficult at that time lobbying with a vice dean of a law department in one university in Central Java when I helped a student’s from a risk of drop-out.


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By Utami Diah Kusumawati

I learned from my family that strong-willed and influential women of our royal ancestry had great roles in creating the history of my country, Indonesia.

I remember the day I first learned about this heritage from my father,  Raden Untung Subarkah.

“You are a Raden Rara,” he told me when I was an elementary student in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. “That is why I give you name Diah, which means a royal daughter.”

Raven Rara is a nobility title given to Javanese women who have royal blood, especially from the eighth generation or after. Javanese is one of the largest ethnic groups in Indonesia, which has 300 ethnic and linguistic groups throughout its archipelago, according to

I forget how beautiful it is to write..

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Lincoln, Nebraska. 11.08 PM.

It has been two weeks for me at Lincoln, the capital city of Nebraska, an US state which is famous for its corn and Husker team. 😀

Catatan Hari Lahir

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Di depan Malay Heritage Centre, Singapura. (Dok. Pribadi)

Kalau waktu ibarat jam pasir, dia akan terus menerus berkurang tanpa kita bisa menghentikan. Setiap detik, butir pasir waktu itu akan terus berkurang dan terjatuh entah ke mana muaranya.

Sementara kita, manusia, hanya bisa menjalani hidup sebaik-baiknya, semaksimal kita bisa, dan memanfaatkan segala pilihan dengan memutuskan bijak. Patut digarisbawahi di sini: Keputusan bijak.

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Perempuan Aksara

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Dongeng si Abu-Abu

ku tinggalkan namaku di sini, dengan ujung jarinya ia menuliskan cerita, sebuah dongeng untuk dikisahkan.

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