GIS: Visibility Analysis

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Map of Maya site of Copan, Honduras. Created by Utami Diah Kusumawati.

This is actually the most difficult map that I have made in the GIS class using several tools like viewshed (boolean), reclassify and visibility. Furthermore, we also had to count the percent_vis and extract value to join before getting to the final data that would be used for the visibility analysis. The map looks simple but the process of creating such a simplified and clean map is painfully challenging. This is what I called the beauty of mapping because it can simplify complex data into a pattern like above. (Meltedheart!)

I will post the steps and details about the data that we use in the class after the semester ended 😛 Magma is being erupted from my head for now. LOL.

key points: algebra map, tessellation, rumpled space, interpolation, tobler’s law (thiessen polygon), DEM (digital elevation model), viewshed, cost-surface analysis, visibility analysis.

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