Graph of the Indonesian Women in Politics from 2010 to 2018

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I created this graph using Pandas and Adobe Illustrator. The data is taken from the Statistics Indonesian or BPS (Biro Pusat Statistik) and there is a Null calculation for the percent change as Kalimantan Utara (North Kalimantan) does not have any women representatives in the parliament in 2010. So, I took out this province and cleaned out the null value. If you want to use this graph, please ask for my permission. (


Big Spike In Asian American Population In Seattle

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Aerial capture of Seattle. Source: Wikimedia Commons .

By Utami D. Kusumawati

The growth in the population of Asian Americans in King County in Washington is outpacing all other races, reports The Seattle Times.

The newest data released by the U.S Census Bureau shows the county is becoming more diverse with the number of minorities increasing significantly.