GIS: Flow Diagram

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Today, in the GIS class, I learned how to make a flow diagram. The flow diagram can help us to see the steps and tools we do before completing our DEM (Digital Elevation Model) map using the raster calculator or the weighted sum.

You can also see the diagram to make sure there is no missing step before creating the end product, especially when you are dealing with a lot of layers and several tools that requires calculations and analysis like visibility analysis or suitability analysis (either with the boolean operations or the fuzzy membership).

If you make a mistake for a layer, you can always check again your step as well as the calculation in your flow diagram and correct it directly. To make a flow diagram, you can use the model builder in the ArcMap by right click the data in your catalogĀ and create a new model.

Wanna see how my flow diagram looks like for the suitability analysis in GIS (scrappy paper version)? Check the video below!