#Productreview The Body Shop&Wardah Body Butter

The Body Shop Body Butter Spiced Vanilla. Harga Rp 129.000. Varian lain: Atlas Mountain Rose, Mango, Olive, Pink Grapefruit, Whitemusk, Moringa, Chocomania, and Japanese Cherry Blossom. (Dok. Utami)

Body Butter review. Wardah and The Body Shop.


Wardah Creamy Body Butter with Rose (Large). Harga Rp 46.000. Varian lain: Passion Fruit, Milk and Pearl, Strawberry, Lavender dan Olive.

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In this fast sp…

In this fast speed and crowded life, we often forget to take care of our inner self interest and need. We plunge ourselves into smartphones, hangouts, dates, works, children only to avoid the feeling of being alone. In fact, a state of alone is a rare gift moment when you can finally grow strong sense of yourself as a person.

This is an excerpt I take from my soon-to-be-finished novel. The novel on a self discovery of a woman in her early 30s is expected to be launched in the mid of next year. Hopefully.  

Setiap insan me…

Setiap insan memiliki kekerabatan dalam biduk kebenaran. Masing-masing berhubungan sama dalam asal muasal. Tatkala salah satu dari kita dipagut nyeri nasib, tak mungkin kita akan tetap merasa nyaman. andaikan kau bergeming dan tak mampu rasakan kepedihan orang lain, engkau tak layak menyandang nama manusia. -sheikh sa’adi shirazi